DEBASER (2019-now)

A brutal FPS with a unique focus on speed and precision.

RFLEX (2015)

An infinite runner neo-arcade game.

Available on Steam.

This is my favorite video of the game.

Camera Comrade (2019)

A silly stealth game about an elite soviet spy who uses remote cameras to destroy the capitalist pig’s coffee machine. Made for SGDC Game Jam “Film.” Contains many stolen assets. We did what was necessary to reach the deadline.

Very violent.

Laser Barons (2018)

A friendship-destroying game about cooperatively mining asteroids with planet-scale lasers. Made with a terrible in-house Java engine based on LibGDX.

I plan on remaking this game in Unity. Stay tuned.

Made for SGDC Game Jam “Cooperation”.

This game bleeds 80’s.